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A plan for experiencing all that Misaki Port has to offer - dyeing fisherman's banners and a class on making fisherman's cuisine

Yokosuka, Miura 6h45m

Misaki, a town that has prospered as a center of deep-sea fishery, has a retro shopping area where you can not enjoy delicious dishes made with tuna, try your hand at dying big-catch flags, and attend fisherman's cuisine lessons at a guesthouse. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and history.

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Misaki Shitamachi Shotengai (shopping area)

Storehouse style buildings scattered in the Misaki Shitamachi Shotengai create an atmosphere of Showa period. The Shotengai offers various specialty foods, including Misaki Tuna. Annual events are: "Chakkirako (UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage)" on January 15, and "Miura Yoichi" in August.

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Underwater Sightseeing Boat Rainbow Fish

This boat is a semisubmersible where you can enjoy an underwater tour of the sea. From the observation deck, you can see various fishes swimming in the water such as damselfish, greenfish, pufferfish and seachub. Come and join us for a walk in the Miura sea with all the vibrant fishes! Please note that the tour may be cancelled in case of bad weather, as such, please check the website after 8:3...

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Mitomi Dyeing Shop (Traditional Tairyo-bata Dyeing)

A long standing dye shop established in 1833, where craftsmen of the Edo Bakufu worked. The Tairyo-bata of Misaki is one of the Top 100 Picks of Kanagawa’s Local Specialties. Each and every one of the flags are handmade with traditional techniques passed down from the Edo Period and is used not only to celebrate a new ship, but other happy events such as marriage, childbirth, children’s festiva...

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Fishermen's dish (Minshuku Hara (inn))

"Minshuku Hara (inn)" is a Japanese style inn that evokes an old-style Japanese house and is located in a quiet fishing village. They provide fresh and seasonal seafood, such as a striped beak-perch, in a style of ikezukuri (seafood are arranged on a platter that look lifelike). This is the service unique to fishermen's house. Guests can experience making fishermen-style pot meal,...

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Koajiro Forest

Koajiro Forest is said to be the only natural environment in Kanto where you can find an entire river basin connecting the forest to swamps/mud flats and the sea. Starting with the red-clawed crab living in the forest, many living organisms make up a diverse ecosystem. As you walk along the path from the forest to the mudflats, you can observe the changes in the natural environment.

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