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A luxurious day, immerse yourself in art in Hakone

Western Area 6h30m 1

You can spend an artistic day in The Hakone Open-Air Museum and enjoy craft making at Hakone Craft House. Stop of for a spot of tea in a cafe on the lakefront of Ashino-ko, and enjoy exquisite sweets artistically crafted by a master pâtissier in a mountain hotel.


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Hakone Open-Air Museum

Western Area 2h

Biggest feature is the outdoor art museum. With the beautiful scenery and mountains of Hakone in the background, you can enjoy art. There are approximately 1...

Hakone Museum Of Art

Western Area 1h

Hakone museum of art is the oldest museum in Hakone. The museum opened in Hakone-cho Gora in 1952. The museum displays Asian and Japanese ceramics that have ...

Hakone Crafthouse(Gora Park)

Western Area 1h

A hands-on craft museum. Enjoy 7 styles of vintage beads: glass blowing, ceramic arts, sand blasting, kiriko-style glass, pottery painting and glass beadmaki...

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