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A family plan that lets you enjoy the flavors and nature of Ayase

Central Area 5h30m 1

Enjoy the experience of harvesting the in-season vegetables of Ayase City, and gourmet foods including Kouza pork, which has been bred and protected since the Meiji Era. Limited only to weekends, you can also try making wieners at Kouza Handmade Ham. At Dream Play Woods and Shiroyama Park, where flowers and Japanese gardens can be enjoyed year-round, children can run and play in nature. A tour ideal for those coming with their families from Asia.


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Shunsai Seasonal Veggie Farm

Central Area 1h30m

This plantation, where you can harvest produce by hand, was opened to the public out of a desire to let others experience both joy of farming firsthand and t...

Shiroyama Park

Central Area 1h

This park houses the remains of the castle of Shibuya Shigekuni, vassal of the Kamakura-era shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo. The moat and earthen walls of the ca...


Central Area 30m

You can buy homemade ham, sausage, and "Ayase Tonsuki Minced Meat," all made using Kouza Pork, one of Kanagawa's Top 100 Local Specialties.

Dream Play Woods

Central Area 1h

This "adventure playground" is open to children to help them experience nature by playing in natural environments such as in the bamboo thickets and creek in...

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