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Miura, Kanagawa: Enjoy Beaches, Boats, and a Local Fish Market

by Ushin Cho

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Miura is a city located in the Southeastern part of Kanagawa Prefecture, also known as the Miura Peninsula. Located only one and a half hours away from Tokyo via the Keikyu line, it is a perfect place for a weekend day trip near Tokyo. On top of the Keikyu line, attractions in Miura are easily accessible by various city buses, so you won’t have to fret about going between spots. 

While you’re in Miura, you can take a scenic walk along the beautiful Miura Coast, as well as enjoy delicious tuna, caught fresh and in abundance, in this quaint city. You might also want to take a dive into the ocean on an underwater sightseeing boat and take in the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area from a different perspective. Who knows? On a clear day, you may even be greeted with the sight of Mt. Fuji. Let’s take a trip to this charming city together. 

It was a beautiful day for traveling, and I started my day trip to the Miura Peninsula wrapped in the warm sunshine.

Miura Beach

The first stop on my trip to the Miura Peninsula was Miura Beach, the largest beach in the area. This beach is one of the best surfing spots in Japan, and even in winter, you can see people windsurfing undeterred by the cold winds and chilling water. 

Every August, Miura Beach also hosts the Miura Coast Noryo Festival, where thousands of fireworks are shot into the sky, offering a breathtaking view of the ocean lit in a kaleidoscope of colors. However, due to COVID-19, the festival has been canceled in recent years. If you’d like to be updated on the event, check out their official website

Access to Miura Beach is relatively simple. For those traveling by train, alight at Miura Kaigan Station on the Keihin Kyuko Line, and walk for about 7 to 10 minutes to reach the beach. For those traveling by car, you’ll be happy to know that there are also many parking spaces along the coast (parking fees apply). 

Since I’d planned to explore most of the Miura Peninsula, I’d decided to travel by car this time around. My next destination was the southernmost seafood market on the Miura Coast, conveniently accessible by car, train or bus.

Urari Marche

Though small, Urari Marche, a small fishing port in Misakiguchi, is one of the most famous tuna-production areas. Here, you can not only eat but also buy fresh tuna. You can also buy other famous seafood from Japan, such as salmon and crabs. Moreover, all of the produce is available at reasonable prices. If you like sashimi and seafood, this is a spot you should not miss. While I was here, I tried a nice tuna croquette with a crunchy batter and fluffy texture.

Tuna on sale
Tuna on sale

Urari Marche is located about 20 to 30 minutes away from Miura Beach by car. To get to the seafood market via public transportation, take the Keikyu line from Miura Kaigan station to the last stop, Misakiguchi station. From this station, at bus stop 2, take a bus bound for Misaki Higashioka bus stop—about a 25-minute ride. The seafood market is a 10-minute walk from Misaki Higashioka bus stop.

Maguro Restaurant - Shichibeemaru

At this point, I'd been driving since 9am and felt a little hungry. Before I board the Nijiiro Sakana, join me for some tuna! This time I decided to enjoy lunch at a tuna restaurant, Shichibeemaru. This charming little restaurant is located across the street from Urari Marche and is a great place to sample some fresh seafood without having to travel too far. It was a weekday when I’d visited, so I didn’t have to queue, but do note that there might be a line on weekends! 

After waiting for a short moment at the entrance, the waiter took me upstairs and seated me at a table for four. The second floor was quite spacious and full of businessmen from nearby companies who had come to eat during their lunch break.

Tareyaki Don (1,300 yen)
Tareyaki Don (1,300 yen)

Shichibeemaru offers a wide variety of raw tuna dishes. There are also cooked dishes for those who are not used to eating raw fish. My initial impression of tuna was that most of it is served as sashimi, but I was apparently wrong. I ordered the Tareyaki don (¥1,300), a set meal that combines a bowl of grilled tuna with an appetizing sweet and spicy sauce on top of rice, a small bowl of tuna cheek meat, and miso soup. Just thinking about it makes me feel hungry again.

Nijiiro Sakana

After lunch, I visited the Nijiiro Sakana to experience the underwater world of Kanagawa. Along the coast just outside Urari Marche, there is a ticket booth for a semi-submersible underwater sightseeing boat. Departing from Urari Marche, the boat passes under the Jōgashima Ohashi Bridge through the Hanagure Quay and heads for the Underwater Observation Deck. On a fine winter day, you can watch the sunset over the Miura Coast on the boat that departs at 4pm. 

Taking in the sunset from Jōgashima, one of the best sunset spots in Kanagawa, was indeed one of the best ways to end my day trip to Miura. 


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