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Tanamukaihara Paleolithic Museum (Hatena Building)

Tanamukaihara Paleolithic Museum (Hatena Building)

The Paleolithic Hatena Museum is one of the few Paleolithic-themed facilities in Japan. It is officially known as the Tana Mukaihara Ruins Paleolithic Study Hall. It is an important site that exhibits the history of human settlement, using the remains of a dwelling from the Paleolithic period. It was designated as a national historic site in January 1999. It is the only place in Japan where you can see building remains from about 20,000 years ago. The museum also displays Jomon pottery and burial goods from the Paleolithic period, with outdoor exhibits featuring the remains of a Paleolithic dwelling, a Joromo pit dwelling, and a small round tomb from the Kofun period. We also offer hands-on experiences such as magatama (curved comma-shaped beads), earthenware, and stoneware making.

Essential Information

Check the official website for the latest information.


April - October: 09:00 - 18:00 November - March: 09:00 - 17:00



Closed New Year holidays (29th December - 3rd January)

Free admission ※ Experience classes may be subject to charges. Please check the Sagamihara City website for more details


JR Sagami Line, Harataima Station

  • Wheelchair friendly

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