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Seto Shuzo-Ten (Japanese Sake Manufacturer)

Seto Shuzo-Ten (Japanese Sake Manufacturer)


Founded in 1865, this is the only sake brewery in Kaisei Town. With three brands, Sakata-Nishiki, Setoichi, and Ashigarigo, the brewery is spreading the joy of sake. At the "Kaku-uchi Garden'' on the premises, visitors can drink sake purchased at the direct sales counter and enjoy the rich nature surrounded by rice paddies while sitting on the porch with local agricultural products and fermented foods. Visitors can also enjoy a marché and café where they can enjoy local vegetables and drinks made with koji at "Seto Yashiki," an old private house designated as an important cultural property of the town, located near the warehouse.

Seto Shuzo-Ten (Japanese Sake Manufacturer) at night

We provide the ideal tours for people who want to experience real Japan. We recommend this tour that lets you try Japanese sake at the brewery and then enjoy the sake around a traditional irori fireplace.

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Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (open on national holidays)
  • Wi-Fi Available

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