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Oyamadera Station

Oyamadera Station

Oyamadera Station is the intermediate station on the Oyama Cable Car Line. You can see the cable cars on both sides pass by from this station. Since the sight of two cars passing by in opposite directions looks just like the kissing of lovers, Oyamadera Station is popular as a sacred spot for lovers to meet.

Essential Information

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Alight at Isehara Station on the Odakyu Line, take a bus at #4 bus stop of North Exit. Traveling by bus: Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Bus I-10 Route bound for 'Oyama Cable' or I-09 Route bound for 'Oyama Cable (Express)' or I-11 Route bound for 'Oyama Cable (Non-stop)' Alight at the last stop (final destination) 'Oyama Cable'

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