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Hydrangea Train

Hydrangea Train


The hydrangeas of the Hakone Tozan Railway start its blooming season from mid June. The Hakone Tozan trains, during the season in which the hydrangeas are in bloom, are affectionately known by the nickname “hydrangea train”. The Hakone Tozan train, as the name says, goes up the mountains of Hakone, and the best viewing point for hydrangeas also gradually climbs up starting mid-July at each high point. Leisurely enjoy the hydrangeas, blooming to the point of touching the windows, from the Tozan train.

Hydrangea Train at night

When the hydrangeas begin to bloom, the Hakone Tozan Train is given the nickname of the “Hydrangea Train.” In the evening, the special Hydrangea Night Train runs too. All seats on this train require a reservation, and it proceeds slowly, stopping again and again at illuminated spots along the way.

Essential Information

Check the official website for the latest information.


Must be checked because is dependent on operating hours for Hakone Tozan Line




Adults: 460 yen one-way, children: 230 yen one-way (between Hakone-Yumoto Station and Gora Station)

  • Wheelchair friendly

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