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Yokohama Mount Narita, Iseyama Kotai Shrine and Yokohama Noh Theater Tour

Yokohama, Kawasaki 3h15m

Believers have been crowding at Narita Mountain Yokohama Betsuin, which is a branch temple of Narita-san Shinshouji in Chiba Prefecture. This tour lets you experience the unique “Homa” ritual, as well as visit Iseyamakotai Jingu Shrine, which enshrines Amaterasu Oomikami, the sochinju (local Shinto deity) of Yokohama. It also includes Noh performance (which has a 140 year history) viewing.

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Yokohama Narita-san Temple

A branch temple of Narita-san Shinshoji Temple (Chiba Prefecture), it has attracted many people. Narita-san's unique ceremony called "Homa" burns a tree in front of Honzon Fudo Myo-o and fulfills people's wishes. Throughout the year, this ceremony is carried out 4 times a day (9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00) and anyone can participate.

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Iseyama Kotai Jingu Shrine

The shrine is the Sochinju (local Shinto deity) of Yokohama, and worships Amaterasu Oomikami (Sun Goddess). It's known for "Oise-san (Ise Jingu Shrine) in Kanto" region. The cherry blossom beside the stairs leads to the grounds is beautiful.

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Yokohama Noh Theater

A Noh theater located next to Kamonyama Park. The Noh stage which was relocated from the house of the former head of Kaga Domain is the oldest remaining one in the Kanto region. Visitors can tour the display corridors and the main stage (from the second floor) when there are no events held. Check in advance for performance titles and dates, as well as the availability of a visit.

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Original Souvenirs of Yokohama Noh Theater

This theater is a reproduction of “Somei Noh Butai” of the Maeda clan, the Kaga hanshu (the Lord of the Kaga domain). It is the oldest Noh stage in Kanto region and has 140 years of history. Any visitors can view the stage from the balcony seats when there is no paid-performance. Performances with commentary for beginners aimed at dissemination of Noh has been conducted under the slogan of “...

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