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Yokohama Noh Theater

Yokohama Noh Theater

27-2 Momijigaoka Nishi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
Map of Yokohama Noh Theater

The Somei Noh Stage, the oldest Noh stage in the Kanto region, was built in 1873 by the Maeda family, the former lord of the Kaga Domain, and opened in 1996. Various events are held with explanations to help beginners understand and unique planned performances and workshops, earning the stage the slogan “a Noh theater with a low threshold.” Once a month, we hold tours (advance reservation required) where the staff guides visitors through exhibits related to the history of the Nohgaku and the Noh stage, as well as private dressing rooms not normally accessible to the public. ※ Closed from January 2024 to June 2026 due to renovation work.

Essential Information

Check the official website for the latest information.

Closed Maintenance days (about twice a month) and year-end & new year holidays.

Tickets cost about 14,000 yen and include a private guided tour (takes about 1 hour, reservations required)

  • Wheelchair friendly

Explore the Surroundings

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