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Walking Tour of Livestock Street <Western part of Kanagawa>

Western Area 3h30m

This walking tour that also makes use of local train lines will guide you through the mountainous area in Matsuda region renowned for its plum groves and abundant nature. Be sure to try the gelato ice cream made with fresh milk as well as the Ashikaga Beef.

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Odawara Farm Ice Cream Factory

This ice cream shop sells Italian-style gelato prepared with fresh milk, as well as other local produce. Seasonal menu items are also on offer. With the facotry located in a corner of Soga Plum Grove, the place is busling with tourists during plum blossom season.

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Matsudayama Herb Garden

From the southern slope of this expansive herb garden you can look out over Sagami Bay and Ashikaga Plain. Take in panoramic views and see seasonal herbs close up while strolling along the park's paths. There is also the restaurant, shops and activity center to check out.

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