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Walk the Footsteps of Commodore Perry in Uraga

Miura Peninsula Half day 2

This tour strolls around Uraga, which is well known as the city where Commodore Perry arrived with his black fleet in 1853.


Recommended Transit Passes

Yokosuka Enjoy Ticket


Uraga Community Center Branch (Folk Museum)

Yokosuka 15m

Uraga Community Center Branch provides a place and opportunity for local people and organizations where they can casually interact and discuss things. It also hosts...

Rikugun Sanbashi (Army Bridge)

Yokosuka 15m

Rikugun Sanbashi (Nishi-Uraga Minato Ryokuchi Park) is a bay park where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Uraga Harbor, the famous historic place where Commodore...

Uraga’s Watashi-bune Ferry Boat

Yokosuka 15m

A poetic symbol in the uraga inlet. It’s a ferry boat connecting two points in the town apart with inlet. It's an unusual municipal road (Route2073) with a long...

Higashikano Shrine

Yokosuka 30m

The stairs leading up to the inner sanctuary are named Enishi Slope and Musubi Slope, and are said to bring blessings to a marriage.

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