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Walk around Oiso Joyama Park and visit a spa only for adults.

Shonan Area 8h15m

A walking course exploring the gardens of Oiso where you can feel the area’s history. After the walk enjoy the adults-only spa which opened in July 2017. A course where you can enjoy both the new and old parts of Oiso.

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Despite being located next to a national highway, it has a very peaceful Japanese atmosphere. This dojo has been here since a very long time as a training place for Haiku.

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Shimazaki Toson Old House

A 5 minute walk along the Tokaido Line from Oiso Station. Also known as Machiya-en (traditional townhouse), the former residence of Tōson was a three-roomed single story traditional house, with cedar bark used for the outer walls, and Taisho glass (rare nowadays) for the sliding doors. There is also a small garden with a simple Kabuki-mon (gate with a crossbar) surrounded by a bamboo fence.

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Former Residence of Yoshida Shigeru

This is the residence of Shigeru Yoshida (1878-1967), who was the prime minister after the war. Originally, in 1884, his adoptive father Kenzo Yoshida bought the land and built the villa, but he took over it after father's death. From 1945, he made this his main resident and spent the rest of year. This facility restored the residence of Shigeru Yoshida.

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The “Thermal Spa S.Wave” spa center was established in July 2017. The “Infinity Pool” which appears to melt into the horizon, and the “4 Temperature Saunas” are popular. *Elementary school students can only use the 3F hot spring; the 4F spa floor is off limits. *A swimsuit is required on the 4F spa floor.

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Oiso Prince Hotel

The hot spring and spa facilities were established in July 2017, and the front desk and restaurant were updated. The guest rooms were also updated using a natural color palette to create a relaxing atmosphere. It offers diverse plans such as for families or for adult relaxation time.

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