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Wakamiya Park Plum Blossom Garden and Nanasawa Onsen

Central Area 3h45m

10 kinds of 44 plum trees bloom their blossoms in the late January to the early March. Koganei Sake Brewery in Atsugi City shows you sake brewery, how to brew sake and how to enjoy drinking Japanese sake. You can try microbrew there. Nanasawa hot spring is famous for its texture of hot water, as they call it Beauty hot water. You can enjoy one day hot spring visiting.

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Koganei Brewery

This is a historical, 200 year old sake brewery. In the nature of Higashitanzawa, the brewery uses the local springwater to create it's sake, Sakarimasu. Additionally, shochu, craft beer, and liquers are brewed and can be bought at the shop or enjoyed with Italian food at the brewery-owned restaurant, "Selvaggina." Early Morning Sightseeing Sakarimasu is a local sake that has been made fo...

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Fukumotokan / Nanasawa Onsen (Hot Springs Day Trip)

The room in which the representative author of Japan’s proletarian literature, novelist Kobayashi Takiji, secretly resided, is still preserved as it was at that time, with a small bowl, a foot warmer, a tea cupboard and a padded kimono. The hot spring has a strong alkalinity which is abovepH 10.0, so a smooth, gentle feel on the skin is characteristic.

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