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Visit Zushi, a seaside city that famous bestseller authors wrote about

Yokosuka, Miura 3h30m

This tour takes you to the places written about in the famous novels such as "Taiyo-no-Kisetsu (Season of the Sun)" written by Shintaro Ishihara, and "Hototogisu (The Cuckoo)" written by Roka Tokutomi.

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Gandenji Temple

Legend has it that this old temple was founded by two Buddhist priests, Tokudo and Gyoki. It's also the 2nd temple of "The Bando 33 Kannon Pilgrimage". When you pass the temple gate, there is a stone tablet inscribed with the writings of Izumi Kyoka; and on the left side of the main hall the principal image of the eleven-faced Kannon is enshrined. If you climb the 130 stone steps ...

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Hiroyama Park

Located on the peak of the gently-sloping Hiroyama, you can enjoy a view of Sagami Bay, Enoshima Island, and Mount Fuji. Besides observatories, there are also monkey enclosures and animal enclosures.

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Kouyoji Temple (Namiko Fudo)

Kouyoji is a temple was once called Namikiri Fudo or Shirataki Fudo. A stone monument inscribed by Tokutomi Soho, author of the famous novel "Hototogisu (The Cuckoo)," stands in the sea just below the temple ground. The novel was set in this area and local people started to call this temple 'Namiko Fudo', which was named after a heroine of the novel, Namie Kataoka.

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Zushi Beach: "Season of the Sun" Stone Monument

This stone monument was built commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Akutagawa Prize awarded to Shintaro Ishihara's novel "Season of the Sun". Zushi Beach is called the "half-a-mile beach where the sun was born" for its actively enjoyed marine sports throughout the year. This monument is a symbol of Zushi Beach.

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