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Visit the site of the anime, “Just Because”

Shonan Area 4h 1

In 2020, this site was newly voted into the 2020 Edition of Japanese Anime 88-Spots by anime fans through an internet poll as a place they wanted to visit. Feel free to enjoy riding through the featured area via the Shonan Monorail and more!


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Enoshima Aquarium

Shonan Area 2h

The aquarium is located at a great place where you can view both Mt Fuji on the west side, and Sagami bay and the scenic spot Enoshima on the south. It is kn...

Shirahata Shrine

Shonan Area 30m

It is dedicated to Samukawahikono Mikoto, which is the same deity as the Sagamikoku Ichinomiya Samukawa Shrine, and Minamoto no Yoshitsune, who is a hero of ...

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