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Visit the navy port Yokosuka and Misaki, famous for its tuna landing

Yokosuka, Miura 7h45m

Enjoy visiting the navy port Yokosuka and the unique Dobuita Street which is active all night; then visit Misaki which is famous for tuna.

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Verny Park

A park facing the former Yokosuka Iron Factory whose establishment was contributed by French engineer Verny. In this park, there are beautiful flower beds, a fountain and a western cottage based on French garden design. Best of it all would be the gorgeous rose beds with an estimated 130 species. In spring, the various roses will bloom, making the port landscape more vibrant.

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Yokosuka Naval Port Cruise

Yokosuka Port has developed as a naval port ever since the American vessels commanded by Commodore Matthew C.Perry landed in Japan 160 years ago. Yokosuka is known for having the U.S. Naval Base United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka, and the headquarters of the Marine Self-Defense Force. In this cruise, you can enjoy a tour of these facilities as well as an up-close viewing of the battles shi...

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Yokosuka Dobuita Street

The shopping arcade in front of the main gate of the U.S. Navy Base. The arcade thrived after World War 2 as a shopping mall for the U.S. Navy stationed in Yokosuka. Today, the street is dotted with apparel shops focused on youth (offering "Sukajan" jackets, etc.), and restaurants and bars for Americans.

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Miura City Misaki Seafood Regional Wholesale Market

At the market, you can find numerous fish ranging from tuna, marlin, and coastal fish. In particular, frozen tuna trade is popular and there are usually 400 to 1000 being traded. You can see the tuna auction for free. Because it is open irregularly, it is necessary to check our website. If it is open, it is recommended to go in the mornings at 8:30~9:00. Early Morning Sightseeing You can ...

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Jogashima sea fishing pond Js fishing

A facility where even beginners can enjoy fishing without worry of catching the hook on the seabed or getting their net tangled. All necessary fishing equipment are prepared. Fishing hooks without barbs are used so that even beginners will have an easy time removing them.

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Urari Marché - Fish Market・Vegetable Market

A centre for fresh vegetables from Miura and Misaki Tuna. On the 2nd floor of the Vegetable Market, various produce such as Miura vegetables, meat, tofu and various breads are sold. There is also a cafe where you can sip a cup of coffee while resting. On the 1st floor, you can find seafood products such as tuna and coastal fishes, ingredients for everyday meals. Drop by the Urari Marche for del...

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