Visit a secret mountain village

Western Area 5h 7

With mountains making up most of Japan, it is no exaggeration to say that the country’s roots lie in mountain villages. Yamakita is a town with great access from Hakone. Here, you can enjoy the changing forests in each of the four seasons, the beauty of nature as well as the simple and charming culture of Japan.


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Miho Dam

Western Area 30m

Multipurpose dam constructed at the confluence point of the Kawauchikawa River, the Kurokuragawa River, and the Yozukugawa River flowing through the Tanzawa ...

Nakagawa Hot Spring

Western Area 1h30m

Nakagawa Onsen is a mountain hot spring resort that is close to Lake Tanzawa, it has a long history. There is a legend that about 400 years ago, Takeda Shing...

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