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Tsukui Traditional Crafts and Lake Miyagase Tour

Central Area 3h15m

Braided cords of Tsukui have been highly appraised for their intricate techniques. They are braided with cords dyed in beautiful colors from Japanese traditional faint and subdued hues to fluorescent and luminous hues, which produce hundreds of color combinations. Located in east Tanzawa, Lake Miyagase is an artificial reservoir formed by the Miyagase Dam. There are some tourist facilities and spots near the lake.

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Hattori Ranch

Hattori Daily Farm is located near Lake Miyagase, which is one of the best scenic spots, and at east end of Tanzawa Sankai (mountain mass). Summer of Hibirano highland is cool and suitable for growing grasses and dairy cattle. This is the largest farm in Kanagawa. Cattle are growing in a free and relaxed atmosphere.

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