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Trace the footsteps of people affiliated with Chigasaki

Shonan Area 4h

In this course, you'll be following the footsteps of renowned people related to Chigasaki. First, you will visit the Kaiko Ken Memorial Museum, which commemorates the famous novelist Kaiko Ken. After visiting the museum an elegant lunch experience awaits you at a traditional restaurant-inn Chigasaki-kan where the renowned movie director Yasujiro Ozu used to stay at. On the way back, you can stroll around on the shopping streets named after celebrities such as Southern Street and Yuzo Street. Enjoy shopping a little here and there at Chigasaki-unique shops.

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Kaiko Takeshi Memorial

Known as the Novelist Kaiko, Kaiko Takeshi moved from Suginami, Tokyo to this location just south of the eastern shores of Chigasaki in 1974, and was active at this location until he passed away in 1989. This Kaiko Takeshi Memorial House was built in memory of his accomplishments and character which many are moved by.

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Chigasaki Southern C

Chigasaki Southern C is the symbol of Southern Beach Chigasaki and has even fronted the Southern All Stars CD cover. This place is famous as a matchmaking (En-musubi) spot as when one stands at the right of the C, filling the gap in “C”, a circle (“En” in Japanese) will be formed, essentially tying fates (also “En” in Japanese) together. It is also famous for being a photo spot in Chigasaki whe...

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Southern Street

This street stretches from the Twin Wave underpass of the Chigasaki Station South Exit to the Southern Beach Chigasaki area. In the shopping district here, you can find many products inspired by the popular Japanese rock band, Southern All Stars. These products are popular amongst both the locals and tourists. In summer, this area will be even more lively with people heading to the beach with t...

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