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The Good Old Days in Kohoku Ward

Yokohama, Kawasaki 3h45m

Explore good old Japan in this tour through Okurayama Memorial—declared a Tangible Cultural Property by Yokohama City—Yokomizo House, and the Rokkakubashi shopping district.

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Okurayama Memorial Hall

This hall was built in 1932 as the main building of Okura Mental and Cultural Laboratory, by a business-man Okura Kunihiko, who bacame the dean of Toyo University. The hall was donated to Yokohama City in 1981, and after a major renovation to preserve the building, the hall was transformed into Okurayama Memorial Hall in 1984. The hall was designated as a tangible cultural property of Yokohama ...

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Yokomizo Yashiki (House)

The house that was created in the Edo period remains as it is and there are many materials such as agricultural tools that help us understand the life of the rural people back then. Free tours are available and various events are held such as the Bamboo Lantern Festival in September. It is the first cultural asset that was registered in Yokohama City.

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Mitsuike Park

Mitsuike Park ranks as one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots. There are many different types of sakura (cherry blossoms) in this park, such as winter cherry blossoms which bloom in mid February. In total, there are approximately 1600 sakura trees from 78 different species, all blooming at slightly different periods. This park is very popular with visitors.

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Rokkakubashi Shotengai (shopping area)

A retro shopping street reminiscent of the Showa period. Some 170 shops selling various things can be found mainly in the Nakamise street. Events such as a Dokkiri Black Market and pro-wrestling are well-received. (Dokkiri Black Market is held on the night of every 3rd Saturday from April to October. It is a lively event with a flea market and concerts.) Nightlife This flea market is held...

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