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Taste the exquisite ramen born from the natural waters of Oyama

Central Area 6h45m 0

We visit popular ramen shop 'ZUND-BAR' in Atsugi to taste their famous ramen. We tour around the unique spots of Atsugi and Ebina; experience glass-ware making and learn about ancient earthenware and life in the Meiji period.


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Miso Maker Nazuna

Central Area 30m

This miso producer does it all from scratch - they grow their own rice and beans from their farm in Atsugi, process it, use it to create miso, and then sell ...


Central Area 1h

The chefs pour their heart and soul into this ultimate soup made using natural Tanzawa Mountain range water, giving it an exquisite balance of translucent se...

Ebina City Onkokan

Central Area 1h

On the first floor there are exhibits on the history of Ebina, including models of Sagami Kokubunji, materials on Akibayama kofun tomb group pottery excavate...


Central Area 45m

Nyoiri Kannon is enshrined in this temple, who is related to the temple bell that was contributed to the kokubun-niji by Kokubun Toshiyori from the Ebina fam...

Rambling terrace VINAWALK

Central Area 1h30m

VINAWALK is a one-stop shopping mall for everyday life. There are about 150 specialty stores, which include Marui Family, TOHO Cinemas, and more.

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