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Take a dip in the negative ion waters of this hot spring town just 60 minutes away from Yokohama

Western Area 7h30m

You’ll stay at a hot spring accessible from Tokyo and Yokohama without transferring to another line on this course that’ll help you get a true sense of nature. Manyo Park’s footbath is also recommended.

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Fudo Falls (Yugawara)

This 15-meter-high waterfall has an abundance of water. The waterfall is flanked by two deities, 'Migawari Fudo', a protective deity on the left, and 'Shusse Daikoku-son', a deity of success on the right. There is a tea house near the waterfall to take a rest.

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Yugawara Art Museum

As a hot spring resort described even in the Manyoshu, beginning with Takeuchi Seiho, great painters have put up their ateliers in Yugawara, and it features greatly in their works. You can enjoy works related to Yugawara and traditional Japanese gardens.

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and garden MUSEUM CAFE

Linked with the Yugawara Art Museum, this health-oriented cafe serves tofu and tofu skins produced by the specialty store Yugawara Juunian. On the terrace overlooking the Art Museum garden is a foot bath that draws its water from Yugawara Onsen. Take a moment to relax after appreciating the artwork.

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Kumano Shrine, Manyo Park

Kumano Shrine enshrines a god of hot water, and hot water runs down the purification trough. There are 'Yukake-matsuri' on the fourth Saturday of May, and regularly held festival takes place at the same weekends. At the Manyo Park located at the center of spa town, there are so many Manyo plants (plants cited in the Manyoshu). There are also Manyo-tei modelled after ancient architecture of Many...

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Doppo No Yu

This facility closed on March 31, 2020. Relax your heart and body at nine different foot spas that use natural hot springs! The park interior is designed based off the Japanese archipelago incorporating geographical Feng Shui, and it provides nine different types of hot springs with various uses. The second floor rest house offers foot sole massages by Yugawara acupuncture masseurs.

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Gosho Shrine

When this land was reclaimed during the reign of Emperor Tenji, Amaterasu was among the chosen gods to be enshrined. Within the premises, the god of longevity and long life as well as the god of the onsen are also enshrined. One of Gosho Shrine’s top highlights is a sacred tree that’s estimated to be about 850 years old. The overwhelming dignity of the tree’s mighty branches spreading toward th...

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