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Samukawa Course: Purify your spirit in the New Year!

Shonan Area 5h45m

This tour offers a refreshing experience of exploring Samukawa in the new year. The tour includes a visit to Samukawa Shrine with a history of over 1,500 years and filled with a pristine air that greets the new year, making it an excellent spot to experience zazen mediation and pick up some fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

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Samukawa Shrine

The Samukawa Shrine in Samukawa-machi, Koza-gun, is the only protector in Japan which wards off evil from all directions. Prayers from anyone and everyone are accepted. During purification, you may feel refreshed and a sense of mysteriousness in front of the majestic god

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Waiwai Ichi Market (Shopping for specialty goods)

A direct sales store of JA Sagami. Safe and fresh agricultural and livestock products from Samukawa’s surrounding cities such as Chigasaki, Fujisawa, and Ebina are sold here. In addition to vegetables, cut flowers and potted flowers are also abundant. Furthermore, you can also buy fresh fruits and flowers from direct sales stores of flower (such as sweet pea, cyclamen, and carnation) and fruit ...

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Waterworks Memorial Museum

Here, there are a lot of water-themed exhibitions where you can play and experience water to your heart's content. And we hope that you will be able to feel the grace of the forest. Not only are there charismatic retro buildings in the vicinity, in front of the museum, there is a Japanese garden with a stream flowing and a plaza with a water fountain

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Samukawa Ekimae Park

Samukawa Ekimae Park is a venue for a variety of events. One main event is the Samukawa Mikoshi Festival, when every mikoshi (portable shrine) in town gets together and joins in the fun. The Samukawa Summer Festival is an another festival held here on Mountain Day (a Japanese national holiday). In the Christmas season, the park will be illuminated brightly and the warm lights decorate the cold ...

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