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Sakawa River big leaved hydrangea-lined shore walking course

Western Area 5h

This course is for those wanting to appreciate the hydrangea.

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Sakawagawa River Culture Museum

Here, you can gain an interest towards rivers and feel closer to Sakawagawa by learning about the ties between people and Sakawagawa through the past and present. In this museum, not only are there panels introducing Sakawagawa and its history, but there are exhibitions of the fish living there and an outdoor exhibition on river development and flood prevention with full-scale models.

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Kaiseimizube Sports Park

The park is located near the Sakawa river. You can enjoy wide range of sports in the park, including park golf. The view from the park is nice and you can see Mt. Fuji at distance if it is sunny. The park golf course of the park is the first park golf course in Kanto region. This is the only course that consists of 27 courses.

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Ashigari-go Seto Residence

It is a residence that has been designated as Kaisei-machi's important cultural property as it is a historical and cultural heritage that conveys the rural life of the Edo period. Various events are held throughout the year.

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