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Sagamihara Nature and Art Walking Trail

Central Area 8h45m 66

Take a look around three parks in Sagamihara, including Asamizo Park, Dohogawa Park, and Kanuma Park, where you can relish the flowers and local wildlife all year round. Also see the Joshibi Art Museum.


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Dohogawa Park

Central Area 30m

Out of 8.8 hectares of the park, 7 hectares is open in which you can observe wild birds and plants that surround us and deepen our understanding of nature. T...

Sagamihara Asamizo Park

Central Area 45m

A park surrounded by greenery and colorful flowers, with a place where you can interact with animals. Clematis flowers bloom in spring and in early Summer, y...

Komorebi no Mori

Central Area 30m

You can enjoy nature and the seasons changing. Furthermore, there are walking paths as well as lawn areas where children and elderly can enjoy forest bathing...

Sagamihara City Museum

Central Area 1h

After opening in 1995, Sagamihara City Museum has been a local favorite for presenting both the history and natural world of Sagamihara, and it welcomed its ...

JAXA Sagamihara Campus

Central Area 1h

JAXA Sagamihara Campus has the Institute of Space Science and we conduct space science research using artificial satellites and spacecraft. We accept tours e...

Kanuma Park

Central Area 30m

The park came to be known as Kanuma Park because long ago, the area was covered in reed. The pond in the center of the park is said to have been created by t...

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