Sagamihara Historic Ruins Tour

Central Area 2h15m

This tour gives you the opportunity to explore the ruins and look into the life of people in the late Paleolithic period.

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Katsusaka Site

At the site, we have reproduced the atmosphere of the Jomon village. In the outdoor exhibition, we have a replica of 敷石住居 from the end of the period. Even though it is a small space, in the management building inside the park, we have Katsusaka artifacts and panels exhibited.

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Tanamukaihara Site

The only place in Japan where you can see remnants of a building from about 20,000 years ago. At 旧石器ハテナ館, there are Jomon pottery and other goods mainly from the Paleolithic Age on display. In the outdoor exhibition, there are residential remains of the Paleolithic Age, pit dwellings of the Jomon Period, and tombs of the Kofun Period. You are able to learn about history and cultural prop...

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