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Ramen at ZUND-BAR and Fireflies at Nanasawa

Central Area 5h

Tanzawa mountain area (Mt. Afuri) creates clear fine water. This ramen shop began its business here because of thepure water from the mountains. That is one of the secrets of the wonderful ramen soup. You cannot taste this anywhere else.The clear water of Nanasawa and Tamagawa will give you the opportunity to see fireflies only here in Kanagawa prefecture.

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Nanasawa Forest Park

Known as one of Kanagawa's largest urban parks, there are various programs prepared throughout the year. There are art programs such as pottery and crafts, healing programs such as forest therapy and alphorn, folklore programs such as storytelling, health promoting programs such as nordic walking, and nature experiencing programs. These programs can be enjoyed by children as well as the elderl...

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The chefs pour their heart and soul into this ultimate soup made using natural Tanzawa Mountain range water, giving it an exquisite balance of translucent seafood flavor and rich meaty flavor. Look forward to experiencing the deep taste that spreads through your mouth with each spoonful.

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Fukumotokan / Nanasawa Onsen (Hot Springs Day Trip)

The room in which the representative author of Japan’s proletarian literature, novelist Kobayashi Takiji, secretly resided, is still preserved as it was at that time, with a small bowl, a foot warmer, a tea cupboard and a padded kimono. The hot spring has a strong alkalinity which is abovepH 10.0, so a smooth, gentle feel on the skin is characteristic.

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