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Ozenji Eco Gurashi Kankyo-kan and Fishing

Yokohama, Kawasaki 3h30m 4

The Nagayamon park, where you can explore history and nature remains in the valley.There are zones where you can experience the history that focuses the old house where it still leaves the look of Edo era, and watch the nature that focuses  walkways and cedar forest.


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Yokohama, Kawasaki 30m

The main temple is of Greek style and to the right of the main temple, there is a bell tower. This was created by Ikeda Masuo, a painter, in 1996. He heard t...

FISH ON Ozenji

Yokohama, Kawasaki 1h

At the site of about 50,000 ㎡, there are lure and fly fishing bonds and mountain stream fish are released. You can also enjoy the BBQ facility as well as th...

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