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Oiso course : Visit Oiso-ichi Market, other historical places, and enjoy Oiso!

Shonan Area 8h15m 0

This tour explores many attractive spots in Oiso. The tour starts with a visit to "Oiso Market", which attracts about 5,000 visitors each time. It's a place where people can enjoy a special time that only Oiso can offer, then visit Shigitatsu-an, an old haikai dojo (haiku training center) named after a poem Saigyo Hoshi wrote. The tour also includes a visit to the Former Yoshida Shigeru Residence, which was restored in 2017.


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Oiso Market

Shonan Area 1h30m

The Oiso Market started in September 2010 with the hope to preserve the currently lively Oiso for the younger generation to enjoy. The Oiso Market has about ...


Shonan Area 45m

Despite being located next to a national highway, it has a very peaceful Japanese atmosphere. This dojo has been here since a very long time as a training pl...

Shimazaki Toson Old House

Shonan Area 30m

A 5 minute walk along the Tokaido Line from Oiso Station. Also known as Machiya-en (traditional townhouse), the former residence of Tōson was a three-roomed ...

Oisojoyama Park

Shonan Area 30m

Oisojoyama Park is a park where the former Mitsui Zaibatsu owner had his villa as well as where former Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida spent his last years.

Former Mitsui Villa Area

Shonan Area 1h30m

In the Meiji period, the head of Mitsui Zaibatsu (family-run conglomerate) had a villa in this area. On the grounds were a Japanese garden, tea house (nation...

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