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Odakyu Enoshima Line, Station Hopping Tour 2

Shonan Area 8h45m 5

We will walk around from Chogo station to Fujisawa Honcho station's nature and historic sites along Odakyu Enoshima line. In some drop off place you can participate in morning market,planetarium and the seasonal events in Hikichi river.


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Chogo Fruit Park

Shonan Area 15m

This park is a direct sales and processing place for fruits, and is located in Fujisawa-shi, Chogo. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and processed foods are direc...

Hikijigawa Shinsui Park

Shonan Area 1h30m

Park located along Hikichi River. In the spring, you can see many flowers such as sakura (cherry blossoms), azalea, wisteria, and carp streamers on May 5th. ...

Obajoshi Park

Shonan Area 30m

Flowers of the seasons, including sakura, wisteria (fuji), and rose, bloom throughout the park, allowing visitors to enjoy the changing seasons.

2 Funajizo Spots

Shonan Area 30m

According to the legend of Funajizo, it is said that when daimyo Houjou Souun attacked Ooba Castle, he killed the old lady who taught him how to dry up the s...

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