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Ninomiya Course: History, culture, and a spectacular panorama!

Shonan Area 4h45m 0

The highlight of this tour is the spectacular panoramic view of around 60,000 rapeseed blossoms blooming early in Azumayama Park, along with an experience of the history and culture of Ninomiya Town through its Kawawa Shrine and the works of its painters at the Ninomiya-cho Futami Memorial Museum.


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Kawawa Shrine

Shonan Area 30m

The name of the town Ninomiya originated from this shrine. Surrounded by woods, it stands in tranquility as though time stops here. Cherry blossoms are beaut...

Ninomiya-cho Futami Museum

Shonan Area 45m

The works of the Ninomiya-born artist Toshitoki Futami and material about him are collected and put on display here. It is located west of Ninomiya's central...

Azumayama Park

Shonan Area 45m

You can always find flowers throughout the year as well as paths covered with flourishing trees in Azumayama park. Also, at the peak, there is an observatory...

Azuma Shrine

Shonan Area 15m

This shrine is located in Ninomiya's Azumayama Park. Oto Tachibana Hime no Mikoto, wife of the Japanese hero Yamato Takeru no Mikoto, cast herself into the o...

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