Nature Hike in Mount Ogusu

Yokosuka, Miura 2h30m

A course for enjoying the marvelous view unique to the Miura Peninsula.

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Tateishi Park

This park is famous for its beautiful view of the Tateishi coastline, where Mt. Fuji can also be seen in the distance. This scenery was captured by the famous Edo period artist Ando Hiroshige. Today, visitors enjoy walking along the shore, and admiring the view from the park.

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Maedagawa Promenade

Maedagawa is a clean stream that is 1.4 km long with evergreen and deciduous trees surrounding it. There are many wild birds and water creatures and is a rare promenade in the Kanto area. It is also a part of the hiking course leading up to Mount Ogusu. ※ As of 8/25, some roads closed

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