Mount Sekiro Hiking

Central Area 4h30m 9

A popular hiking course for casual hiking. Mt. Sekiro’s and Mt. Miharashi’s altitudes are both 695 meters, The altitudes of Mt. Miharashi as well as Mt. Ishii are both 695 meters (2,280 ft), making them the highest passing point around Lake Sagami on Tokai Nature Trail.


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Mount Sekirozan

Central Area 30m

The mountain in the southeast of Lake Sagami is called Sekirozan. It has been said that it got its name Sekirozan because it is rich in rocks. Photos Provide...

Sagami dam

Central Area 1h

Sagami dam was completed in 1951 (Showa 22), forming the first large scale artificial lake in Kanagawa Prefecture, Sagami Lake. Using the volume of water sto...

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