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Meet the star of the sea under the sun, and meet the star of the land under the stars

Yokohama, Kawasaki 5h30m

After watching the marine creatures in the sea leisure land during the day, you can go to the zoo which only opens on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays evening in August. We will hold a special summer event of the summer that will shows the night zoo which we can not usually see. In the zoo decorated with illumination, at night, animals will move actively, and you can enjoy a different scene from the daytime.

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Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park

This leisure land and aquarium is located in the southwestern side of the Miura Peninsula. Here, you can see sharks as long as 3m in the large fish tank with a panorama of 360 degrees. In the indoor ocean theatre Fantasium, you can enjoy a performance by dolphins and seals - the ever popular stars of the sea.

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Marujyumaru (Fishing cruise)

Koajiro Port, located in Miurai Peninsula and Koajiro Bay, is a natural port that faces Sagami Bay and flourished from the Edo period. You can enjoy fishing here as it is famous for fishing boats. At Marujyumaru, you can enjoy nature by cruising Sagami Bay, Aburatsubo, and Koajiro Bay. You can also experience fishing on a fishing boat.

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Yokohama Zoological Gardens Zoorasia

This unique zoo employs as few fences as possible so that visitors can see the animals living in an environment similar to their natural habitat. The zoo is divided into zones of different climates such as Asian Tropical Forest, Subarctic Forest, Amazon Jungle, Japanese Countryside and African Tropical Rain Forest. There is also a grass park and the “Wanpaku Forest” with play equipments. The zo...

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