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Look, touch and experience. How to make afternoon tea

Shonan Area 4h

You can watch the making process of 'afternoon tea' which is much loved throughout Asia including China, Thailand and Taiwan. Why not explore the history of technology and development that allows you to drink delicious tea even from a simple plastic bottle. You can enjoy a full day here as nearby you will find cutting edge digital art and a temple boasting over 2000 years of history.

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Hiratsuka Hachimangu Shrine

This is one of the Six Shrines of Sagami. Events such as the Annual Festival, the Hamaori Festival, and the Bonbori Festival are held here. The Hachimanyama Park next to it was chosen as one of the Eight Views of Hiratsuka, and is one of a few western styled architectures built during the Meiji era in this prefecture. It is especially beautiful during seasons of cherry blossoms and roses. Built...

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Team lab Island Future amusement park lala port Shonan Hiratsuka

Team lab Island, Future amusement park is an educational project with the theme of "becoming a cooperative and creative person". They have exhibited their activities in U.S., Thailand, China, Indonesia, Dubai, Australia, South Africa and so on. Visitors are over 5 million throughout the world. Team lab Island,Future amusement park,lala port Shonan Hiratsuka is the second perman...

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