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Learn the history of Kawasakishuku and Yokohama Harbor

Yokohama, Kawasaki 2h30m

A course that provides knowledge about the history of Kawasaki and Yokohama. All locations can be visited quite easily from the nearest station on foot.

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Yokohama Archives of History

Displays materials on Yokohama history from the end of the Edo period/Opening up of the port period to the beginning of the Showa period. The building was formerly used as the British consulate until 1972. There is a historical camphor tree in the courtyard. *Includes a cafe.

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NYK Maritime Museum of History

This museum presents the history of how ships transferring people, goods, and culture have opened up the sea route from Japan to overseas since the Meiji period. Inside the artistic building which has been used as the Yokohama branch of a shipping company, Nippon Yusen Kaisya (NYK Line), visitors can enjoy videos and a display of a large scale model of a luxury liner of the 1920’s. Free t...

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