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Learn in Sagamihara and Refresh at a Spa Resrt

Central Area 8h15m

Learn about space and feel refreshed at the spa resort on your first day at JAXA Sagamihara. On the second day, learn about the nature of Sagamihara at the Sagami River Fureai Science Museum. This is a two day course that you can enjoy together with your family.

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Prefectural Sagamihara Park

The Prefectural Sagamihara Park is made up of a spacious lawn plaza, a French garden surrounded by redwood trees, a Japanese iris garden, a greenhouse, a grove of various trees and so on. Enjoy a relaxing and cooling time here at this grand park.

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JAXA Sagamihara Campus

JAXA Sagamihara Campus has the Institute of Space Science and we conduct space science research using artificial satellites and spacecraft. We accept tours everyday and you are able to freely see full size models of rockets.

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JN Family

JN Family is a 24 hour health land that is located at a 7 minute walking distance from JR Sagamihara Station, along National Route 16. It is a spa refresh resort where you can relax and enjoy your time.

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Sagamigawa Fureai Science Museum

Sagamigawa Fureai Science Museum is an aquarium featuring mainly the organisms living in Sagami River. With the various attractions such as 'River Stream Aquarium', which is a downscaled version of Sagami River from 114 kilometers length to 40 meters, and 'Let's be a fish trainer', where you can feed fresh-water fishes directly, this aquarium is enjoyed by people of all ages.

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Kanuma Park

The park came to be known as Kanuma Park because long ago, the area was covered in reed. The pond in the center of the park is said to have been created by the footprint of the giant, Daidarabotti, when it tried to carry Mount Fuji. Currently there are creatures such as swans living here and it has become a place for relaxation for the people around the area.

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