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Sagamigawa Fureai Science Museum

Sagamigawa Fureai Science Museum

Sagami River Fureai Science Museum Aquarium Sagamihara is an aquarium that mainly exhibits creatures that inhabit the Sagami River. Children and adults alike can enjoy the "flow aquarium," which recreates the Sagami River from upstream to the mouth, the "walking water tank," where you can observe the fish swimming at your feet, and the "fish with food," where you can feed the fish. Guided tours and workshops are also available!

Essential Information


9:30am–4:30pm (last entry 4pm)



Closed Closed on Mondays (unless if during a national holiday or long term break such as Golden Week or summer vacation)

Adults (high school and older) 450 yen, Children (elementary and junior high school) 150 yen, Ages 65 and up 220 yen

  • Wheelchair friendly

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