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Koajiro-no-Mori and Rivera Resort

Yokosuka, Miura 4h15m

This route will take you through resorts and valuable natural areas registered on the Kanagawa National Trust.

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Koajiro Forest

Koajiro Forest is said to be the only natural environment in Kanto where you can find an entire river basin connecting the forest to swamps/mud flats and the sea. Starting with the red-clawed crab living in the forest, many living organisms make up a diverse ecosystem. As you walk along the path from the forest to the mudflats, you can observe the changes in the natural environment.

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Enoki Terrace

Enoki Terrace located in Koajiro no Mori (Koajiro forest) is a precious natural environment in the Kanto region where forests, wetlands, tidal flats and seas facing Sagami Bay reside.

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Riviera Seabornia Resort

Seabornia faces the Sagami Bay, which is considered to be the best location for marine sports. It is blessed with a warm climate and a beautiful landscape overlooking the southernmost tip of the Miura Peninsula. As it features all the natural conditions required of a harbor, including depth of water and a calm bay, it has long been loved by many yachting and boating enthusiasts. It is a multipu...

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