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Know more about the Meiji Era at the seat of the Meiji Government, Oiso

Shonan Area 3h

“Oiso”, the birthplace of Shonan, is the “inner room” of Shonan, where the appearance of various cultures remains from when the area served as a summer retreat during the Meiji Period. Tour the “Tokutomi Soho Museum”, and the “Yoshida Shigeru Mansion”, two individuals highly active during the Meiji Period.

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Oiso Kyodosiryokan

At the Oiso Kyodosiryokan you can enjoy the 4 permanent exhibitions about the archeology, history, folk customs and nature of Oiso and the surrounding areas. There are also special exhibitions/planned exhibitions held 3 - 5 times a year.

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Former Residence of Yoshida Shigeru

This is the residence of Shigeru Yoshida (1878-1967), who was the prime minister after the war. Originally, in 1884, his adoptive father Kenzo Yoshida bought the land and built the villa, but he took over it after father's death. From 1945, he made this his main resident and spent the rest of year. This facility restored the residence of Shigeru Yoshida.

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Tokutomi Soho Memorial hall

It was built on the grounds by Hikoichi Shiozaki, who admired Sohou Tokutomi and took care of his personal affairs as his secretary before, during, and after the war, and stuck with him through thick and thin until Sohou’s death. Correspondence, works of art, written works, and collections of books related to Sohou are displayed in the hall.

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