Kimono Experience in Sankeien

Yokohama, Kawasaki 5h30m

Sankeien, a cultural site in Japan, is known for its beautiful Japanese gardens. This tour gives you an opportunity to wear kimono in Hakuuntei, a traditional villa inside Sankeien, then explore beautiful gardens attired in kimono.

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Hakubi Kyoto Kimono School

It is highly recommended to experience Kimono (Japanese traditional costume) wearing while visiting Japan. A qualified dresser will serve you at Hakubi Kyoto Kimono Academy-one of the most traditional Kimono dressing Academy in Japan.  

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Sankeien Garden

The vast classical Japan garden covering over 18,000 square meters was opened by Hara Sankei, a businessman who made a fortune with the Japanese silk trade. Rinshunkaku, the Three-Storied Pagoda of Old Toumyouji are amongst the properties designated as Important Cultural Properties by the Japanese government. The garden is also a famous viewing spot for plum and cherry blossoms, azaleas, and au...

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Hikawa Maru

Hikawa maru is a cargo-passenger ship built in 1930 at Yokohama and used for a Seattle Sea Route, which was designated as a important cultural property.In the ship, you can observe Art Deco-designed furniture at 'The Passenger's area' and a dynamic engine-room at 'The Crew's area', and you can learn the history of Hikawa maru at 'The Exhibition area'.

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Silk Museum

A rare museum of silk that demonstrates the process of turning silkworm into fabric. Japanese silk clothing from each historical period are also displayed. At the museum shop, you can find Yokohama scarves, foods containing silk, and other silk-related products and books.

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