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History Tour and Onsen in Kawasaki

Yokohama, Kawasaki 4h30m

After visiting the historic temple shrine in Miyamae-ku, you can chill out at the hot springs.

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Oyama Road Historical Museum

Oyama road is a road between Edo and Isehara・Oyamaafuri Shrine. In particular, Mizonokuchi・Futago is said to have been crowded because of Oyama Mairi. The warehouse remains from the Meiji period and currently you can see the remnants in "Furusatokan".

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Shiraku Hot Spring

Shiraku Hot Spring is a natural hot spring with water that springs from about 1300 meters underground. The seawater underground has been trapped for hundreds of thousands of years and here you can expect better skin metabolism, smoother skin, and recovery from fatigue.

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