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History of Japan seen through Christianity and Kimono

Shonan Area 3h45m

View the secret Christian treasures collected by passionate Christian Miki Sawada, grandchild of Iwasaki Yataro the founder of the Mitsubishi Group. You can also learn about the care of kimono's at a well-established kimono shop boasting a proud history of over 140 years.

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Sawada-miki Memorial Hall

This museum, which had a renewal opening in March 2014, honors the late Miki Sawada (grandchild of Mitsubishi conglomerate founder Yatarou Iwasaki) who founded the “Elizabeth Sanders Home” orphanage, and displays secret Christian relics etc.

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Kimono no Arai (Kimono Washing) Experience

Located in Hiratsuka City, at the Darumaya Kyouzome Main Store you will learn about everything from the difference between western clothes and kimonos to the type of kimonos, and the ways to wash them. You can also experience the washing process for yourself. At the experience you can ask questions about kimonos that you do not usually get the chance to, making this an experience loved by many ...

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Kanagawa Prefectural Center of Flowers and Greenery, Kana Garden (Vegetables and Flowers)

This garden is a facility where you can learn and enjoy gardening and farming. The roses here are prided as one of the top few species in the Kanto region. A rose festival is held every spring and autumn. Besides that, you can also enjoy a vegetable harvesting experience on the weekends and in the summer holidays. We hope you will enjoy the seasonal flowers and greenery in this relaxing garden ...

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