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Get in touch with the analog Japanese culture

Shonan Area 2h15m

Japan is not only famous for it's cutting edge technology and high-tech industry but also 'analog culture'. Stepping away from the world of the internet, how about enjoying some more nostalgic pastimes reading, spinning tops and even visiting an old-timey seashell shop.

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Katase Koma

Katase Koma (spinning top) is a traditional Japanese toy that was popular and famous in the Shonan area from around 1926 to 1968. The Koma (spinning top) spins around on its axis, and children at the time tried their best to compete with one another by carving and filing their spinning tops. These children’s efforts inspired the local woodcrafters, and as a result Katase Kowa was born.

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Shellwork (World Shell Museum)

Shellwork is refers to types of ornamentation, such as accessories and utensils made from or adorned with seashells. Legend has it that a certain hotel on Enoshima Island served food in a seashell and let a diner bring it back home. The diner spread the word about the seashell dish in Enoshima making it popular. This inspired the local craftsmen to start creating shellwork as a signature souven...

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