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Firefly gardens to visit on summer nights. The nearest paradise from the city.

Shonan Area 1h45m

In Hadano City, which has also been chosen as having one of the hundred famous waters of Japan, the subtle and graceful light of fireflies mysteriously illuminates early summer nights. While the period in which they are visible is limited by time and weather, tour around spots where you can appreciate fireflies, and enjoy their mysterious light.

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Jotokuin Botanical Garden

From early June to early July, you can witness natural Luciola cruciata and Luciola lateralis fireflies. Travel through the grove of cedar trees to reach the iris garden, which resembles a scene from paradise at night when the fireflies dance through the skies above it.

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Kuzuha-no-ie (Kuzuha Canyon)

This ravine is surrounded by lush greenery and the Kuzuha River, which runs through the center of Hadano Basin. Hadano Greenland, located nearby, was acknowledged in 1987 as Kanagawa’s First National Trust. The Kuzuha Suspension Bridge was built over the bridge in June 1995 to commemorate Hadano’s 40th anniversary.

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Imaizumihotaru Park

This park is surrounded by lush greenery and is located in the middle of a residential area where Mukaihara Spring can also be found. Despite its proximity to Hadano Station, many fireflies can be seen in the area between late May and mid-June. The park is kept clean and beautiful by volunteers.

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