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Find out about the folktales and legends of the people of Ninomiya.

Shonan Area 3h30m

On this course you can enjoy the magnificent views and flowers of Ninomiya, which remain unchanged just as they were long ago, and follow in the historic footsteps of those who have come before.

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Azumayama Park

You can always find flowers throughout the year as well as paths covered with flourishing trees in Azumayama park. Also, at the peak, there is an observatory where you can enjoy a panorama of Sagami Bay while enjoying a comfortable sea breeze from Shonan. Here, you can enjoy nature and have a relaxing time.

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Azuma Shrine

This shrine is located in Ninomiya's Azumayama Park. Oto Tachibana Hime no Mikoto, wife of the Japanese hero Yamato Takeru no Mikoto, cast herself into the ocean to quell its raging waters and pray for her husband's safety and success. Her comb drifted ashore and was buried in the place now known as Azuma Shrine.

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Ninomiya-cho Futami Museum

The works of the Ninomiya-born artist Toshitoki Futami and material about him are collected and put on display here. It is located west of Ninomiya's central tourist attraction, Azumayama Park. Experience new discoveries and inspiration as you engage with the arts in nature's lush harmony.

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Glass Rabbit Statue

On August 5th 1945, a mere month before the end of the Pacific War, the JR Ninomiya Station area (originally a railway) was fired upon by the machine guns of a P51 plane, killing many innocents. This station was erected at the station's south exit in 1981 via the donations of peace-loving citizen as a reminder of war's travesties.

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