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Explore burial tombs from the Yayoi and Kofun Eras.

Central Area 4h15m 0

Walk around the tombs of Akibayama Kofun-gun and check out exhibits related to the area in the Ebina City Local Museum. Opened in 1921 when Sagami Kokubunji Temple was designated a historical site, this is a tour that lets you get a taste of history.


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Akiba-san Mounds

Central Area 1h30m

It is a group of old burial mounds which were built about 1700 years ago starting in the Yayoi period and in the period of transition into the Kofun period. ...

Ebina City Onkokan

Central Area 1h

On the first floor there are exhibits on the history of Ebina, including models of Sagami Kokubunji, materials on Akibayama kofun tomb group pottery excavate...


Central Area 45m

Nyoiri Kannon is enshrined in this temple, who is related to the temple bell that was contributed to the kokubun-niji by Kokubun Toshiyori from the Ebina fam...

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