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Experience the good old days of early Showa at Ryokusui-an

Shonan Area 4h45m

Ryokusui-an is an old Japanese house which had been built in the early Showa period and was later moved to the current location in Hadano city. The house has an unique structure inside, with four small square rooms get together shoulder to shoulder and comprise one large square room, which resembles a Chinese character 田. This architectural style was commonly used for tobacco farmers' houses at the time. With farming tools and housewares displayed on the dirt floor, you can learn how farmers lived their lives in the early Showa period.

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This old residential house built during early Showa era were moved to the Minoge area of Hanado city and reconstructed in 1991. The structure of this house follows the typical building style seen in tobacco farmer houses, with four rooms squarely arranged. Some farm tools and daily necessities are exhibited on the floor; they are essential to knowing what life was like for farmers back then. Yo...

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Tahara-Furusato Park: Soba Restaurant Shinonome

You can experience making soba here even if you don't go to Nagano (known as Shinshu in the past). In the soba restaurant Shinonome next to the workshop, you can enjoy the unique taste of the soba you made, be it with friends, family, or even by yourself! Furusato Park is surrounded by rice fields and farms and has a water mill as well. It is also well-known for its farmers market which sells v...

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Shinsei-ko Lake

Shinsei-ko is a lake bordering Hadano City and Nakai-machi town in Kanagawa prefecture. When the Great Kanto Earthquake stroke the region on September 1, 1923, the area collapsed and dammed Kisawa City, which created Shinsei-ko Lake.

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