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Enjoy Tofu and visit Oyama shrine

Shonan Area 3h 0

Named 'Oyama Mairi' in the Edo period, this shrine was designated as a site of Japanese heritage. These spiritual mountains have been faithfully worshipped since long ago. The areais is famous for it's delicious Tofu made from locally grown soy beans and pure Oyama mountain spring water.


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Shonan Area 1h

Ooyama cable car will take you to a great scenic spot that is located at a height of 700 m above sea level in 6 minutes. The cable car is 0.8 km long and the...

Niju Falls

Shonan Area 15m

Niju Falls, also called "Amagoi-no-taki" is one of Oyama's six waterfalls and is believed to call the rain.

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